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What is Thrive?

Thrive is an on-demand business management platform designed to take your business to new heights. From having free access to a host of attorneys and business professionals, to utilizing the ever-expanding database of safety and business administration forms, Thrive will help alleviate the challenges of running your business by being your go-to resource. Your membership will give you access to a weekly business tip devoted to providing you with useful information, allowing you to make the best decisions for your business.


Just like preparing the soil prior to planting a tree; planning for your business is essential to its success. At Thrive, we have been helping tree services establish themselves since 2005. This begins with guiding you in your plan for success. Our expertise has allowed us to create a library of forms and templates that you can easily edit and utilize to ensure your business develops a strong root system right from the beginning.


Turning into a mature tree does not happen overnight for a sapling, just like maturing your business to what you envision. Along the way, your business is going to face many challenges; from hiring and keeping the right employees, to learning how to acquire and maintain reliable equipment, to protecting all of the hard work that you have put into building your business. Thrive will help trim out the needless frustrations that limit the growth potential of your organization.


You started your own business with dreams of creating a greater world for not only you and your family, but also the lives of your customers and your employees. By establishing solid business practices and implementing the proper formal procedures and programs, your business was able to grow. Thrive will help continue that momentum that you started and allow you to capitalize, personally and financially, from the success of your business.


Thrive is an exclusive business solution platform designed specifically for the tree care industry.  We have taken our years of experience and turned it in to useful tools to plant, grow and thrive your business.  Here's a breakdown of how we do it:

  • Live Consultations with Attorneys
  • Access to Exclusive Peer to Peer Group
  • Business Planning (Business Plan, Succession Plan, Entity Selection)
  • Hiring and Employee Retention (Job Descriptions, Hiring Checklist, Drug Test)
  • Business Management (Safety Programs, EE Handbook)
  • Risk Management (Insurance Review, RM services, X-Mod Review)

ArboRisk has been great to do business with.  They have taken the time to learn about our business and our needs.  This investment of time on their part has helped create a trust and confidence that they will make sure our business will have the insurance coverage that makes the most sense for us.

August Hoppe
August Hoppe Hoppe Tree Service

If you own a tree or landscape company you need to have an agent that truly knows your business.  Having the former president of the Wisconsin Arborist Association as my agent gives me great confidence in how we insure and operate our tree company.  He knows the risks and hurdles that our company encounters on a daily basis.  I consult Eric on many major business decision before we make them and many times my questions are not directly related to insurance but are about other day to day tree care operations. Eric takes the time to drive an hour and a half to our shop to sit in with us during our safety meetings at least a couple of times a year.  He explains to our employees how worker's compensation works along with going over our policy with me in fine detail.

Will Torgeson
Will Torgeson Capital City Tree Experts

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